2019 4×4 Sprinter Van Review (First Impressions)

By: Scott Adamson
/ March 3, 2020
The day is finally here… I got my new 2019 Mercedes Sprinter Van and I’m super happy with it so far!



I got an amazing call from Mercedes a few weeks ago…

“Your van is ready to be picked up!” (Insert happy dance here)

I was so excited about some of the changes and features in the new 2019 Sprinter Van that I made a video to highlight some of my initial thoughts.

When stepping into the van for the very first time, I was immediately impressed by how high-luxury it felt compared to older models.

Spoiler alert – Some of the other features I was most excited about were:

  • The redesigned cockpit area
  • Electronic shifter
  • Redesigned dash (I went with the 10.5″ screen)
  • Improved backup camera


Check out the video above to hear more about my initial thoughts on the van, the options I chose, and what’s coming up next for me.

If you have any questions about the 2019 Sprinter Van or any Van Build Guide questions, let me know in the comments on YouTube!

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