How to Properly Insulate the Floor on a Sprinter Campervan

By: Scott Adamson
/ April 27, 2020
Insulating a van’s floor is often what separates the professionals from the DIY community.



I’ll never forget when I stepped into someone’s van only to notice that their dog’s water dish was frozen to the floor…

I know it’s hard to justify costs for extra things such as floor insulation, but in my experience, it makes the van much more efficient in the long run.

In this video, I go through the steps I took to insulate the floor in my 2019 Sprinter van.

For my van, I am installing the Van Life Tech Radiant In-Floor Heating System. The end result of my flooring may be a little different from what you are planning, but aside from the heating system, the other steps taken were exactly like my first van build.

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