REDARC Electrical Sprinter Van Conversion Overview

By: Scott Adamson
/ August 5, 2022
You can solve the problem of purchasing separate electrical components for your van and its tricky installation by investing in complete electrical system. Let’s find out how!

Being a van enthusiast, few things are more exciting than converting your first van. Yet, many vanlifers find it challenging to do so once they start. One area that troubles vanlifers the most is installing the electrical system.

Even I find the electrical installation relatively tricky, and I tend to leave it for the end. One of the most challenging things when installing your electrical system is the numerous components you need to buy. 

You can solve this problem by investing in a complete electrical management system like REDARC that offers an integrated environment and extreme convenience to van owners.

Here’s what the article will touch upon:

  • Why the REDARC electrical system is the most elegant solution
  • REDARC components that work well in the electrical van

Sidenote: This article will only focus on the WHY of choosing a REDARC Electrical System. So let’s get started!

Why should You Choose the REDARC Electrical System?

The main reason for switching to a REDARC electrical system is its one-stop solution for everything! Before the REDARC Electrical System, I had a cabinet full of wires that included:

  • switches
  • a battery monitor
  • a solar monitor, 
  • a temperature gauge, and 
  • tank level monitoring

The problem was all of these were independent.

The solution, as it turns out, was quite simple: REDARC’s Red Vision which is part of their total vehicle management system. 

Here’s how the Red Vision measures: 

  • One-stop solution: You can easily monitor all the data, such as tank levels and battery power.
  • Phone App: It also comes with an innovative app that you can use to control all your devices from the comfort of your phone!
  • Reduces Wiring: With Red Vision, you substitute the messy wiring in your van with a neat kit that is way more efficient!
  • Par Excellent Customer Service: REDARC’s support and customer service is another feature that sets them apart. They are patient and supportive when answering customers’ queries. 

A close competitor: PICO Simarine

I was almost about to choose the PICO Simarine primarily because of its cool interface with an innovative display. This included data on your battery, solar, and temperature sensor.

However, you cannot control the van components with the PICO Simarine. 

What Components Complement the REDARC Red Vision?

If you switch to the Red Vision, you should also explore different components offered by REDARC. They integrate very well with the Red Vision system and provide great ease and comfort to van owners. 

Here is a list of components and their feature benefits that I have installed:

1. COTEK SP 3000 Inverter

Compared to 2000 inverted, this inverter offers greater flexibility in charging and operating more appliances. Key benefits include: 

  • It offers extra protection for short circuits and extreme temperatures
  • Compatible with 240 V appliances
  • Run efficiently with noise and heat. 

2. Red Vision Monitor with Distribution Box

A distribution box is the brain of your electrical system with all the fusing. The monitor aids in displaying important data. 

Here are a few pros: 

  • It helps in monitoring different parts such as water tanks, solar production, and battery management allows for device switching 
  • Allows protection and control in one product
  • It’s compatible with Bluetooth via REDARC App.

You can imagine the distribution box as the main brain of the system with all the fuses.

3. 50 Amp DC-DC Charger

A DC-DC charger provides maximum charge to your secondary battery using your van’s alternator. 

Here’s what REDARC has to offer: 

  • It’s the most powerful DCDC charger offered by REDARC
  • It helps in optimizing the charge from the alternator to the secondary battery
  • It’s compatible with both 12V/24V standards and smart alternators
  • It works with several kinds of batteries, including AGM and Lithium.

4. Manager 30

The manager 30 is a complete battery management system with a solar controller. Some of its benefits include: 

  • It’s a combination of a 30 amp DCDC charger, a battery charger, and a solar charge controller.
  • It’s compatible with AGM, Gel, and Lithium batteries.
  • The green power priority option prioritizes solar power (if available) over other methods.

5. Smart Stat SBI-12

This product is similar to a battery isolator or an automatic charging relay, allowing you to separate your house battery and charge through the alternator. 

Here’s what you should know about it: 

  • It’s easy to install and has a sleek design
  • Saves power with in-built technology
  • Includes fault indicators and protects from surges.

Final Thoughts

This article talked about switching to a central electrical system for your van to increase efficiency and worry less. 

Here are the key takeaways from this article: 

  • Having a central electrical system will help you monitor and control your 
    • Solar Data
    • Battery Information
    • Tank Sensor, and
    • Temperature Control
  • The REDARC’s Red Vision is one of the best options you can choose, with everything included in a simple panel.
  • Many components offered by REDARC can help you streamline your electrical system.

Watch me talk more about the REDARC electrical sprinter van conversion overview in this video. 

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