Van Conversion Update: 8020 Cabinet Framing, Drawer Making and 12v Wiring

By: Scott Adamson
/ September 14, 2020
When I first started my second Van Conversion, I told everyone I was going to finish in 180 days…

That would mean the finish line is just around the corner (mid-October).

I guess what I hadn’t considered at the time is the fact that I have so many other projects on the go (stay tuned!) and warm summer months here in the middle of Canada mean precious time spent at my family cottage with Ellie.

With that said, I wanted to give you all an update on the progress I’ve made on the van.

Despite what the interior of the van looks like right now, I’ve actually come a long way with the 8020 Cabinet Framing and Electrical. I’ve even finished installing some of the drawers in the galley area.



The purpose of this van build is to learn some new techniques and to challenge myself. I can assure you that both of those things are happening here at the shop.


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