How to Install CR Laurence Windows in a 2019 Sprinter Van

By: Scott Adamson
/ April 20, 2020
Ready to cut some holes in your van? Scary, I know!



Believe it or not, installing Windows in your Sprinter van really isn’t that hard of a project. The biggest hurdle is getting over the fear of cutting holes in your van, which I can agree, is terrifying.

Putting your fear aside, I rank this project at a Beginner to Intermediate difficulty level. Installing 2 windows is a 1-day project.

In this video, I’ll give you all the tips, steps, tools and materials you need to complete the Window installation in your Sprinter van.

Pro Tip: Insulated Window Covers

On the topic of windows, I would also highly recommend buying a good-quality set of window covers.

They not only regulate the temperature inside your van but also blocks unwanted light and give you more privacy.

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