Van Conversion Cabinets: Wood vs 8020

By: Scott Adamson
/ October 14, 2020
Are you trying to decide between Wood or 8020 Aluminum cabinets for your van conversion?

In my experience, one of the most time-consuming parts of converting a van is building and mounting the upper and lower cabinets.

Once you’re ready to tackle this part of the build, naturally, your first instinct might be to head straight to the hardware store to pick up some wood…

But have you considered using 8020 Aluminum?

To learn more about Wood vs. 8020 cabinets for your van conversion, be sure to check out this video!


In this video, I explain why I chose to use 8020 for my cabinet framing over the more traditional wood cabinet framing that you see in most DIY van builds.

Here is a breakdown of my top 3 reasons for using 8020 in my second van conversion…

Reason # 1: Strength

8020 is unbelievably strong. Wood cabinet framing could also be extremely strong, but for the average builder, proper joinery is very hard to achieve.

With 8020 it’s easy to get super strong and structurally sound cabinet framing.

Reason # 2: Weight-Savings

I know that using 8020 in itself isn’t necessarily a weight-saving construction method, but I do believe that due to the strength of this product, you’re able to use different construction techniques that enable you to save weight overall.

For example, when you’re building your cabinets you don’t need to install a wooden back, floor, mid supports, or even the top of your lower cabinets (where your finished countertop will go).

Reason #3: Flexibility

If you’re anything like me, when you’re building out your van, you’re constantly changing your mind and not sure if things are the right depth, height, or if you’ve got your measurements 100% correct.

8020 is really like lego for adults.

It gives you the flexibility to change things really quickly and most importantly, you’re not locked into a specific design.

Need to make a cabinet a little taller? All you’d need to do is cut a couple pieces and splice them in! Whereas when you’re working with wood, once you’ve made a box a certain size, that’s the size it’s going to stay.


Hope you found this information helpful and that it gives you a good insight into why I chose to use 8020 on this cabinet build over the more traditional wood framing cabinet.


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