Two Unique Must-Have Van Conversion Tools

By: Scott Adamson
/ November 9, 2020
Wondering what tools are needed for your van conversion?

In my second van conversion, I’ve found myself using 2 new tools for almost every part of the build. Interestingly, I didn’t use these tools at all in my first van conversion, but they’ve become truly essential to this project.

So without further ado, here are 2 unique tools you may not have considered for your van conversion but definitely should.


Two Unique Tools

The tools too that have become essential in my second van conversion are:

  1. Vernier Caliper
  2. Paint Sprayer


The caliper is an extremely accurate measuring device.

I have found myself using this tool for a ton of different things around the van, especially as I am using 80/20 extruded aluminum and rivnuts for my cabinet framing.

The caliper is excellent at determining drill bit sizes to match up with the rivnuts I’m using. I’m using it a lot to check thicknesses, bolt lengths, and any time I’m wanting to compare two things side by side.

I just grabbed a cheap one off Amazon and it’s working perfectly for me.


Paint Sprayer

The funny part about my paint sprayer is that it’s never actually had any paint inside of it.

I’ve used it for so many things, such as:

Let’s just say that the paint sprayer has seen a lot of upholstery glue and glue cleanser.

This cheap paint sprayer along with an air compressor has been working amazingly well for many things around the van.

Tips when using a paint sprayer

  1. Once you’ve used it for glue, I wouldn’t really call it a paint sprayer anymore. At this point, I would suggest strictly using it as a spray glue and spray adhesive.
  2. Before you start spraying anything, it’s a good idea to run some cleaner through the gun each time. Fill up the canister with a little bit of the cleaner and just run that through.
  3. It’s an even better idea to clean the gun AFTER every use. Take it apart and soak it in some solvent.
  4. Lastly, glue is very strong and toxic. I would recommend working in a well-ventilated area while wearing a mask.


For an even more detailed list of tools needed for a van conversion, be sure to check out this article. 

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