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Sprinter Van Flooring

Step by Step Guide to the DIY approach to building your Sprinter Van



There are many different flooring options you could consider for your van build. The main things to keep in mind when choosing your flooring is that you go with something quite thin and durable.

I decided to go with a vinyl laminate flooring that, at first glance, resembles a high end hardwood floor. The benefit of going with a vinyl laminate floor is the thickness of the product, its durability and, not to mention, it’s easy clean up.

The flooring is pretty easy to install. Like many other parts of the build, just make sure take your time and it will be smooth sailing!

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For the flooring in my build I decided to go with a laminate flooring. This style of fooring is very lightweight, durable, easy to clean, easy to install and thin. I wanted to use a relatively thin flooring in the van in order to try and maximize the available headroom at the end of the project.

Laminate Flooring