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Sprinter Van Window Install

Step by Step Guide to the DIY approach to building your Sprinter Van



Before I get into detail, I’ll start off by telling you that cutting a massive hole in the side of a brand new van isn’t actually as scary as you might think.

When mapping out my van build, I had to really think about where I wanted to have my windows. Luckily, my van already came with 2 windows in the back doors. All I had to worry about was a single window install.

After looking over my designs, it made most sense to install my window on the drivers side/middle section of the van. Overall, I’m really happy with the decision. It also allows me the flexibility knowing that I can still install a window in the sliding door at some point in time… If I feel so inclined.

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If your van didn't come with the factory windows already installed, you're probably getting your windows from CR Lawrence. Just make sure you order the right windows for your project.

Sprinter Window

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I used painters tape for a lot more than just painting. Painters tape is great because it doesn't leave a sticky residue so you can use it to hold things temporarily in place and template out different aspects of the van.

Painters Tape
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